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Ideally, wear clothing that you can move freely in and that is not too baggy. Clothing should be form-fitting enough for your instructor to be able to see your body alignment properly. If loose shorts are worn, it is recommended a pair of spandex shorts be worn underneath, as many positions require clients to be on their backs with their legs higher than their hips.

Pilates is typically done barefoot, though many clients choose to wear socks with rubber grips on the soles. For Barre classes, socks with rubber grips are recommended. For safety, socks without rubber grips on the soles are not permitted.

You can sign up through our online scheduling on our website and Facebook, by calling our studio directly, or in person at the studio between class times.

Private and semi-private sessions must cancel 24 hours in advance or will be charged the full cost of the session. Small group equipment classes (reformer, chair, Springboard) must cancel 8 hours in advance due to the small class sizes. If a 4-hour notice is not given the client will be charged the full cost of the session. Mat, Barre and Yoga classes must be cancelled 2 hours in advance or will be charged a $10 fee.

School teachers and staff, Military, and Students with valid ID all receive 10% off of any purchase that is not already discounted.

The following is a list of general, universal class etiquette points clients should be aware of before attending class:

1. Please refrain from wearing heavy scents or perfumes in the studio. (For safety, it is not recommended clients wear lotion on their feet before taking a class.)

2. Please silence cell phones, and refrain from using them during class. If it is an emergency, please use your phone outside of the studio.

3. For your safety, gum chewing is not allowed in class.

4. Talking should be kept to a minimum in class. Please save all outside discussions for after class.

5. Personal belongings should either be kept in the entry bench cubbies or stowed securely underneath a reformer.

6. Please wait until the class before you has finished cleaning up and has exited the room before you go into the studio.

7. Please do not use the reformer until the instructor has entered the classroom and given instructions on how to set it up first.

8. Please stay in pace with the instructor’s cues and directed exercises. If you need to modify an exercise and are unsure how, ask the instructor for an appropriate modification.

9. If you are late to class, please join the class in the current exercise they are working on. The instructor may give you a warm-up exercise to do first, but if they do not, continue to do what the rest of the class is doing.

10. Please try to uphold a positive, respectful, and supportive atmosphere. We are all here to bring out the best in you! Any complaints or grievances should be addressed privately with management or your instructor.